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4 unmissable features your motion system should have in 2022. 

The key to creating the impossible show, is knowing your equipment’s endless possibilities. The entertainment industry is a fast-paced, ever-changing landscape, which means it can be challenging to stay on top of all the new developments. To help you elevate your next event beyond your wildest imagination, we’re highlighting the 4 most important features of a highly functional motion system.


In the dynamic event space, flexibility is a non-negotiable. A static show could take it on the road, an intimate venue might start to think big, or a casino decides to go all in. Whether you run a nightclub, theatre, or everything in between, your system should never hold you back.

CyberMotion celebrates growth by growing with you. Our plug and play technology allows you to add actuators whenever you need them. That means planning for the future, without the tough decisions.

2. Accuracy

If you can think of it, CyberMotion can do it. Our actuators allow object-oriented programming for the design of your dreams, with 0.1mm accurate absolute positioning and ultra-smooth behavior. To truly help you make the most of your CyberMotion system, we organize in-depth trainings and offer round-the-clock support. It’s time to let your imagination run free.

3. Strength

The secret to elevating your upcoming project to the next level? Strength – a lot of it. Crafted for intensive, heavy-duty use, the CyberHoist II is the powerlifter you’ve been looking for. Available in 500, 1000, and 2000kg of loading capacity, our unique concept is guaranteed to be the star of every show.

4. Safety

Perhaps the most important aspect of all, your motion system of choice should be up to the applicable safety standards (EN17206). It is designed and severly tested even beyond the minimum requirements to assure your safety under all circumstances. High duty cycle, unique controlled object behaviour and extreme position accuracy provides you also the requirred safety while the object is in motion. Moreover our C-Power’s integrated e-stop system is SIL 3 certified by TüV.

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What we stand for


Stronger, faster, smoother, bringing your show designer’s vision to life through dynamic motion control, lifting, rolling and pitching unparalleled in its stability.

Object oriented

Programming based on object rather than individual chain hoists, requiring you to enter only the desired height, roll and pitch of the object.


Heavy duty and road proof design meant to last; the very first generation of CyberMotion that was introduced to the market in 2002 is still running smoothly to this day.

Multivoltage plug & play

Plug & play, wherever you are. No matter the voltage used in the country you’re in, CyberMotion easily adapts to it.

Online monitoring

Any system updates, instructions, trainings and bug fixes can be arranged from a distance through online monitoring and service.

Make a choice

Let’s discuss the options for your show, tour, club or venue. Find out how CyberMotion can bring your vision to life and learn about the technical details of the system.

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