A Moving Performance In Motion

Nicolas Meyer and his technical team used 20 CyberHoists, 5 objects, and lots of manual movement to give Stromae’s Europe and USA tours the true “live feel” only a CyberMotion system can. 

“Because Stromae walks around on stage a lot and the objects have dual functionality, 1 side lighting and 1 side LED surface, we needed a system that could move with him.” Nicolas explained. “The PSN, a cool new feature for us, made that possible.”

The Potential Of PSN

The PSN integration within the CyberMotion system sends real-time position data to third party users as mediaservers or automated followspot systems.

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Project statistics
20 CyberHoist II
1 MotionCue 3D
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Products used in this project

  • Actuator Cyberhoist ll CH0500S

    CyberHoist II

    This dedicated intelligent motion control chain hoist allows users to create complex 2D and 3D movements with absolute precision for full creative freedom.

  • Control motioncue3D

    MotionCue 3D

    This fully integrated system calculates and communicates each connected item’s movement to create the smoothest, fastest and most accurate repetitive object transitions.

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