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CyberMotion and Usher

We are thrilled to present an in-depth case study on the pivotal role CyberMotion played in the success of Usher’s Rendez Vous a Paris concerts, a series of eight sold-out shows that transformed La Seine Musicale into an electrifying nightclub experience. With thanks to the crew of Ampco Flashlight Rental.


Spectacular shows in Paris

In the heart of Paris, La Seine Musicale, one of the city’s largest theaters, hosted Usher’s mesmerizing performances. The venue, known as Le Grande Seine, accommodates 6,000 patrons and was reimagined into a vibrant club setting for these events. Fans from across the globe converged to witness the spectacle, which was significantly enhanced by CyberMotion’s technology, orchestrating an array of light fixtures, a massive LED wall, and a 6,000kg scenic element with precision and fluidity.

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The impact of CyberMotion

CyberMotion’s precision was a game-changer for the production. The system’s smooth movements, ease of programming, and the expertise of the motion crew were crucial elements that contributed to the show’s success. Ampco Flashlight, the company that used the CyberMotion materials, had the ability to quickly build, program, and update the system to ensured that every performance was spot-on, delivering an unparalleled experience for the audience.

Their recommendation

When asked if CyberMotion’s equipment would be recommended for other international artists’ concerts, the response of Ampco Flashlight Rental was a resounding endorsement: “Absolutely!”. If CyberMotion were to be encapsulated in a single sentence, it would be: “An exquisite system that allows for rapid construction, programming, and updates, always delivering with pinpoint accuracy.”

The highlight of the show

The most stunning effect was the deployment of “The Barge,” a large scenic element designed to resemble a strip club, complete with poles, performers, and drapery, which descended from the ceiling. This feature was a breathtaking highlight, showcasing the creative and technical capabilities of CyberMotion.

The CyberMotion gear

The equipment of CyberMotion that Ampco Flashlight Rental deployed for this show included:

  • 1x Cyberhoist 2 MotionCue 3D Console
  • 8x CH2 1000Kg hoists
  • 33x CH2 500Kg hoists

This array of CyberMotion technology was instrumental in bringing the dynamic vision of the show to life.

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Do you want the same level of excellence and innovation for your production?

This case study not only highlights the technical prowess of CyberMotion but also underscores the transformative effect it can have on live performances, creating an immersive and unforgettable experience for audiences worldwide.


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