Dynamic decor for Pavilion Kuala Lumpur

Dynamic decor for the Pavilion’s center court

The center court of the Pavilion Kuala Lumpur mall in Malaysia is surrounded by the center’s ten floors of stores, restaurants, and entertainment venues, all situated under a grand glass roof. Naturally, this center court called for more than just static decoration. The Pavilion wished to exceed all their visitors’ expectations and allow the creative team a wide array of options to truly bring the center court alive. This is where CyberMotion comes into the picture, when TopScope, Pavilion’s contractor, was tasked with supplying a motion system that would meet the Pavilion’s requirements.

TopScope has extensive experience in the façade access solutions for high-rise buildings. With their hoisting and lifting expertise in mind they began to explore suitable motion systems available in the industry. Back in July 2019, TopScope contacted CyberMotion to inquire about their products which could meet client’s demands, and consequently, a partnership was forged.

Ideally, the Pavilion’s creative team would like to feature expositions and shows in this unique area, in addition to showcasing banners and ever-changing luxury collections. On top of that, their ideal system would open up a wide array of new possibilities for their events, such as a giant dragon, effortlessly floating through the center court. CyberMotion would allow the team to program a variety of different shows, including more dynamic movement than ever before.

Installation and assistance on location

After discussing the client’s requirements and the limitations posed by the center court itself, the decision was to install ten CyberHoists to the steel structure underneath the glass roof. These would be operated by the MotionCue 3D operating system on the floor below.

In March 2020, CyberMotion’s Senior Engineer Motion Joeri Swagemakers flew to Kuala Lumpur to oversee the installation process and provide the three-day training that CyberMotion offers as part of every purchase. In these three days, TopScope’s chosen engineers were taught all they needed to know to independently operate the system and create any movement sequence the creative team could come up with. After this training, each participant received the certification required to properly operate the system.

“We always include our standardized three-day training course when delivering the CyberMotion system to a new client,” Joeri Swagemakers explains. “Over the past fifteen years, I’ve flown all across the world to assist with the installation process and provide in-person training. After this, the engineers should be able to fully operate the CyberMotion system, but I’m often asked to come back to supervise during the first real show, or to just stay in the area until the first show after the installation process.”

In the future, CyberMotion may be involved in expanding the possibilities in motion design for another shopping center owned by the same client.


“We are glad that we chose CyberMotion as our hoist system.

From product technical enquiry, production, on-site installation to after-sales service, their support has been top-notch with short response time.”

– TopScope, Malaysia


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