Our motion system transforms event capabilities at Liberty University

CyberMotion recently undertook a significant project at Liberty University, a large Christian University known for its frequent chapel services and events. About a year ago, they reached out to us, seeking to incorporate motion into their annual redesign to create more practical options for their events. PJ Visser of CyberMotion was approached to consult and provide material options. After careful consideration, six CyberHoists instead of four due to the increased weight requirements.


More than motion

Our involvement didn’t just stop at installation. We also provided comprehensive training. The university’s venue is versatile, hosting a variety of events. It features a mobile set that can be removed and reinstalled three to four times a year, depending on the event. For instance, the entire set is removed for band performances and talent shows.

Their design was revised to allow for more creativity and flexibility, enabling the university to craft new designs independently. The key advantage of our system is its ease of modification. Hoists can be reconfigured quickly, transforming the design in just minutes. Additionally, renting extra hoists for specific shows is straightforward.

Why CyberMotion?

Liberty University is ahead of many other schools in its event management, hosting events three times a week for large audiences. The university chose CyberMotion over competitors because of the system’s cost-effectiveness and user-friendly operational and programming aspects. The intuitive design makes it easy to train people who don’t regularly handle such equipment. In just half a day, the university’s technicians, often educated former students, were able to grasp the system’s functionality. Our programming logic is robust, with numerous safety features to ensure staff safety. We also offer personalized support, with clients able to contact us anytime.

The training

The training provided by CyberMotion at Liberty University was key in equipping the technical team with the necessary skills for the new motion system. Over two days, we covered both theory and practical application.

The first day focused on understanding the system’s technical workings and software, emphasizing safety features. The second day was dedicated to hands-on practice, where the technicians, comprising both full-time staff and part-time students, learned to manage realistic show scenarios and troubleshoot. This efficient and intensive training ensured that the team could not only operate the system effectively but also creatively adapt it for various events.

Client’s opinion

Diamond Productions Inc. has had a favorable experience with CyberMotion’s motion system, primarily due to its user-friendliness for newcomers. The simplicity of programming and setup made it a preferred choice for us, leading to a recommendation to the university.

During the training, PJ Visser from CyberMotion demonstrated exceptional expertise, equipping our team not only with the necessary skills but also inspiring future use. Initially intended for moving an LED wall during convocation, the system was eventually adapted for more concert-oriented events like the university’s Christmas Coffeehouse. There, it provided an impressive LED reveal wall that facilitated smooth transitions between multiple performances. 

Based on these experiences, David Diamond will definitely continue to recommend the CyberMotion system to other universities that frequently host events.

University and Church Design

At CyberMotion, we are specialized in creating dynamic and versatile motion systems tailored for also University and Church settings. Our designs are not just about adding movement; they’re about transforming spaces into multifunctional arenas that can adapt to a variety of events and performances.

For universities like Liberty University, our systems provide the flexibility needed for academic ceremonies, concerts, and talent shows, allowing for quick and seamless set changes. In the realm of church design, we focus on enhancing worship experiences by integrating motion systems that can support everything from traditional services to modern, multimedia-driven gatherings. 

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