Festival Light Design

Transforming festival experiences with GRAViTY’s use of CyberMotion technology

GRAViTY’s strategic deployment of CyberMotion technology at two prominent festivals, Voodoo Village and Free Your Mind, demonstrates the power of integrating advanced motion, lighting, and video technologies to elevate the festival atmosphere and engage audiences in unprecedented ways.

Voodoo Village

At Voodoo Village, GRAViTY collaborated with a seasoned video operator/designer Renee Van Dijck which led to an innovative experiment that seamlessly blended motion with visual artistry. The technical setup featured a sophisticated arrangement: a C2 LED screen equipped with a track(ing) system at the rear, complemented by two trollies. Each trolley supported two hoists, which in turn held a truss loaded with two Robe Megapoint lights and a Robe Tetra. This configuration enabled the precise horizontal and vertical manipulation of objects behind the LED screen, setting the stage for a groundbreaking visual experiment.

Dynamic video-light interaction

The core of Voodoo Village’s visual innovation lay in the dynamic interaction between the moving lights and the video content displayed on the LED screen. The real-time communication between the motion system and visual software (including Notch and VVV) allowed for the creation of interactive video effects that responded to the position and movement of the lights. This setup made it possible for light beams from the Robe Megapoint fixtures to visually penetrate the screen, with the software calculating the intersection points and creating corresponding visual effects, such as circles of light, in perfect sync with lights and  motion.

Enhancing the festival experience

This pioneering approach marked a first for Voodoo Village, offering festival-goers a visually cohesive experience that felt both effortlessly natural and intricately designed. The real-time, interactive nature of the setup provided a unique value to the operators, presenting a show that was not only in perfect harmony with the music but also elevated the overall sensory experience without detracting from the performance itself.


Free Your Mind Festival

For the 20th anniversary of the Free Your Mind Festival held at the Gelredome, Gravity utilized 54 CyberHoists to achieve a spectacle focused on vertical movement. The expansive venue allowed for a grand setup within a 35×35 meter area, promising to deliver visually stunning displays through meticulous planning and execution.

Vertical movement as a visual keystone

Leveraging the spacious Gelredome, the focus was on creating a dynamic roof of video and lighting for the audience, with the CyberHoists enabling a broad range of vertical movements to create a massive amount of looks for the set. This approach was ideally suited to the venue’s scale, allowing the visual production to explore new heights (literally) and add a layer of depth to the festival’s atmosphere. All objects could move individually or act as one big object


CyberMotion’s technology for festivals!

The strategic use of CyberMotion technology by GRAViTY at both Voodoo Village and Free Your Mind festivals showcases the transformative impact of combining motion control with creative lighting and video elements. These festivals serve as prime examples of how technological innovation can enhance live events, creating immersive and memorable experiences for audiences.

Through these initiatives, GRAViTY has not only pushed the boundaries of festival production but also highlighted the potential for technology to create new forms of artistic expression and audience engagement.

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Festival Light Design
Festival Light Design
Festival Light Design
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