Ik vraag het aan

CyberMotion Technology in music program “Ik vraag het aan”

Ik vraag het aan“, a new Belgian music program of broadcaster VRT Max, has incorporated CyberMotion’s advanced products by GRAViTY. This initiative aimed to define the show’s visual and interactive aspects through sophisticated lighting, video and motion control, thereby enhancing the overall experience for its audience and performers.

CyberMotion integration

1. Dynamic stage movements

For this music program CyberMotion’s Cyberhoist  have been used. The Cyberhoists enabled precise and complex stage element movements, essential for achieving fluid transitions and dynamic stage setups that captivated the audience’s attention.

2. Synchronized timecode programming

A considerable part of the show’s programming relied on timecode, managed through the Cybermotion control desk and interface [MotionCue3D]. The meticulous synchronization between music, lighting, and motion elements fostered a unified and immersive show atmosphere.

3. Video control and masking

Although less apparent to the audience, the video component significantly impacted the technical execution. Through PSN (Posi Stage Net), video elements like masking were seamlessly integrated and controlled, offering real-time manipulation capabilities.

4. Truss tower system

A notable innovation was the truss tower system, comprising a tower sleeveblock with two horizontal truss pieces, moved by CyberHoist. This setup not only served a functional role but also added a decorative layer in front of the LED wall, creatively framing the video content.


Creative and functional enhancements

1. Interactive lighting and video

CyberMotion technology enabled novel interactions between lighting and video, such as dynamically cropping or stretching video content in response to the position of the trusses and lights. This effect not only added visual intrigue but also amplified the performance’s emotional depth.

2. Dynamic look and feel

The technology’s flexibility allowed the show to dynamically alter its aesthetics, fostering creativity and enabling a more engaging presentation. For instance, the interactive use of the LED wall to reflect audience engagement demonstrated how technology can enhance viewer participation.

3. Multi-layered lighting design

CyberMotion’s equipment facilitated significant lighting position changes, even during blackouts, ensuring that lighting could emanate from various directions. This capability enriched the lighting design, adding depth and intensity to the performance.


CyberMotion for your TV production?

The integration of CyberMotion products into “Ik vraag het aan” significantly boosted both the show’s functional capabilities and its creative potential. By enabling easy video set changes, extensive lighting movements and tight coordination with camera work, the technology laid the groundwork for a more flexible, dynamic and creative execution.

This case study illustrates the transformative impact of combining motion systems with media and media servers, creating a more engaging and satisfying experience for both the audience and the creators.

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